Bye Bye Holiday and Holiday Dinner

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Bye Bye Holiday
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Hope everyone had a happy, happy, happy and happy Holiday experience either by chance or by lack thereof. Whatever you have done, to make it more than enough for you. Since the holiday was shortened to one short week, from Saturday to the following weeks on Sunday, there was no time to rest. You should use the holiday season with both hands and legs to your advantage.
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Vacation for me means visiting a family, since they live in a foreign country (Canada) this is an isolated incident and consequently has great meaning. I have to get everyone to hear their reality and then let go of the pain. Because with a large family it takes a lot of effort and energy, especially because there are so many children and I don’t want to miss the details of their development. I also want them to remember me fondly until the next time I see them in six months. Holiday shopping helps.
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With a family that can be a big part of a vacation everything else ends. Even in the end we arrived in New York and I came back in the balance and realized something very important. I’m sure you remember my “first attempt” that was ‘Atkins’ and its negative effects. Since then I have restored carbs in my daily regimen and focused on healthy, whole grains, veggies galore including delicate protein. Also trying to eat a lot of foods are small portions of blood sugar, meaning there is no blood sugar that causes insulin to produce cortisol that causes fat to be stored in the abdomen. I can usually get lots of food a day.
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The reason why these years since Holiday was amazing was because my weight never changed. When last year I stopped the Atkins I gained four pounds on vacation. Here’s why I had different results. It wasn’t because this time around I was very well trained. Nor was it because I avoided eating. It was because my body was used to carbs which are an important part of daily nutrients so I didn’t do this with the storage of water to excess carbs.
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I must tell you here that my brother wife Bonnie is a wonderful cook. I strongly advised her to distribute her gifts and to be technically proficient. Everything he made I had to try because I knew how good it was.
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Although I do admit that they use sugar and some kind of white fat and balloons I accept everything they make in my stomach because it is glorious which is why it has to be good for me. I know it is not good, but his balance didn’t lie and I didn’t gain any pounds. I also had only a few days to eat this diet but enough to ruin it last year.
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Another part of the amazing paradox is that after my body becomes accustomed to carbs and the right state, my metabolism also finds homeostasis, a stable state where the body wants to live. Yes it is a few pounds except when I was at Atkins but now it is healthy and fit and easy to care for … just like my experience at Holiday. Actions? Well, when I got married, I didn’t sit still and walk with my mother eight inches of snow in one hour. What I couldn’t do was still be at Atkins for lack of energy.
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Now I am not telling you to get out and give up carefully and eat whatever is good. In your daily routine to discipline and improve exercise consistently with your medical practices, to be healthy and to stay young. Well when it comes to eating carbs is that during the Holidays you can relax, enjoy, relax and do what you can to give life.


Enjoy Holiday by Garden Decorating in December


The holiday is the busiest time of the year, but for those who love gardening, there is plenty to do in December.

Harvest Your Vegetable Seeds: It’s time to harvest the leaves from the seeds sown in September and October. You can add fresh vegetables often before it gets too cold. They include artichoke, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and radish. Note: expect that they will grow much slower than spring-grown vegetables.
Barley Plant Breeds: This is a good time to plant fruitless trees and nuts such as apricots, apples, cherry, peaches, plums and nuts. You will get an inheritance from the local nursery. Soak the roots in a jar of water for an hour before planting. Dig a large hole to hold the roots. Sprinkle roots to encourage growth. Living water. Cover with a layer of mulch. Save your tree for the first few weeks (rainfall is always enough). Bare-root trees are often cheaper than rooting trees because they come with no plastic.
Price of Good Fruit: Pruning trees once they lose their leaves. Don’t be afraid to prune it because it will ripen well in the spring.

Fill the Barley in Your Grass: Since the weather in southern California is mild, there is still time for you to keep your grass. When the rains are low, you need to water them regularly.

Enable Multiplayer: Take out the leaves and make a pile of furniture. Add the leaves and grass. Water the pile (if applicable). Turn it once a week. You should have compost by spring.

Remove Flowers and Dead Branches: The gardens can look like they are in the winter. Keep it fresh by cutting flowers, leaves and branches. Consider pruning trunks including pine trees and trunks if the limbs look weak or grow.

Refresh Your Christmas Tree: See with your city how to recreate your Christmas tree after the holiday. Remove all decorations and lights. Many providers allow for delicate and non-invasive trees.

Increase Poinsettias Health: During the holiday season, have poinsettias in a comfortable place in the home with no electricity and a fireplace. Once the spring arrives next year, cut the stems. Put them out in the shade for the summer and then bring them into the house for fall. In order for the dark red leaves to be identified, the poinsettias will need to spend at least half a day in complete darkness starting in October. They are beginning to get ready for Christmas-late November.



Russian holidays


Russia’s most important holiday is New Year’s Day – January 1st. During the Soviet era, Christmas was not allowed to be celebrated, so New Year’s Eve was much more important. New Year’s is a special holiday and Christmas is a family holiday. Happy New Year in Russia is ‘Snovum Godom.’

Russian Orthodox Christmas takes place on January 7. It has a date similar to December 25 in the old Russian calendar. Russia also celebrates ‘Catholic Christmas’ on December 25th and Russia’s New Year’s Day on January 14, in the Julian calendar. , which he used until 1918.

Russians celebrate more holidays than Hallmark cards. This is just one of the twisted reasons to get the bark out of the vodka bottle.

A very important holiday as the Russian women are involved in “World Women’s Day.” This is March 8. This holiday, which America has never heard of, is like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and her birthday all started going in. By this time, the men have done all the chores. She treats the lady of the house as Queen of the Day. They buy her a nice gift and flowers.

One suggestion: Remember this day as much as you can remember, birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. It is a must for a Russian woman.

The main difference between Russia and America is that Russians do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day. They will not celebrate any of the multicultural holidays that America has as St. Paul’s Day. Patrick, Columbus Day, or Martin Luther King Day, though I’m sure he can follow St. Louis

Every day in the former Soviet Union has its own Independence Day that is celebrated as America’s Independence Day, though it does not happen in the same way as it is celebrated in America.

May 9 is Victory Day, in which Russians celebrate victory in the Great Patriotic War – what we call World War II. Any person who is a veteran is beaten as a major on this day. There is a lot of drinking and celebration in honor of the heroes that win.

November 7 is a Soviet holiday commemorating the October Revolution (which took place in November), during which the Bolsheviks received power from the Czar. The reason it is called the October shift is because it was the month of October in the ancient Russian calendar.

Remember the parades in Red Square. During the holiday, Soviet leaders wore large Russian fur hats while standing at Lenin’s grave. This holiday is also remembered by some, though not as much as in the Soviet era.

Easter is the Russian Orthodox equivalent of Catholic Easter. Easter is the first Sunday following the first month after the Spring Equinox (March 21). Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox and the Jewish Passover.

This is the day that the Christian Church celebrates Easter. The Passover is the Jewish religious observance when the Lord passed through the houses of the Israelites during the troubles that Moses had brought on the Egyptians for holding the children of Israel in bondage. The last plague, or curse, was for the firstborn to be destroyed throughout the earth.

The Israelites were to offer a sacrifice of God to the priest and put the blood of a lamb at their door. That way, they go against the plague, and the first-born will be saved.

For Christians, Jesus was the Lamb of God. He was the Passover lamb. It was the Lamb who was sacrificed for the salvation of all people, not just the firstborn of the Israelites.

Jesus came to Jerusalem at Passover and was crucified just after Passover. The Orthodox celebrate the Passover after the Passover for this reason.



How To Buy A Holiday Well And Avoid The Startups


Ah … the magic of the holiday. We have all grown up with the excitement and mystery of our holiday traditions: oranges in our socks, gifts under the tree, lighting of the menorah, and more! Our memories of the Holiday are filled with home baking, mom stories, love and laughter from friends and family. Adults, we also try to rehearse our children in remembering this – teaching them through the wonderful knowledge of our youth. But how can we do this in a multinational country?

Buying for our kids these days can be difficult and expensive. Take every Saturday newsletter in the months of November and December and find it packed with lots of flies promising all the good stuff needed to own an iPod, RoboRaptor, or V-Smile toys. Chances are your child’s wish list includes one or two of the biggest and most playful tools. Given that we have a list of 30 items, it’s no wonder you get stuck – the shopping gap between buying expensive gifts and the thoughts and concerns you have as a result of the messages you can send to your kids when shopping.

You may find yourself thinking about how to resolve this conflict: “I want my son to have what he wants, and at the same time I want my son to be realistic in his expectations.”

Let’s look at this:

Sean is 9 years old and lives with Mom and Dad and 2nd sister for 2 yr. His family went to see Santa last weekend and Sean brought his Santa list. On her list, her parents’ surprise was the iPod, and the laptop computer! All of her parents were stunned and overwhelmed by such high expectations from their son.

On the way to the Village of Santa he started talking about why he thought he wanted these things. Predictably, Sean said “All my friends have them and they look great !!!” His parents looked at each other and it was obvious they couldn’t afford both, nor did they know why a nine-year-old needed such things.

Mom and Dad also knew that several of Sean’s friends had received or received this kind of gift for their vacation.

Later that evening after the children had gone to bed, mom and dad discussed their concerns and how to do it: Did we buy these things for her? Are we saying no, and keep him away from social networking? Do we buy one and not the other?

All good questions but what is the correct answer? There is no right answer. The answer lies within her parents’ beliefs and messages that they want their children to receive at times like this.

Confidential: If you believe these types of gifts offer unrealistic expectations and have little to do with what happens during the Holiday Season or the financial goals your family will not be able to purchase, hold on to your beliefs. Not to mention the beauty of the holiday. For messages, both verbal and non-verbal, they are clear and clear to your children when choosing gifts.

Many parents do not know how to talk to their child about these conditions and why they are not buying them what the child has asked for. Parents need to be fair and open about their motivations and decisions.

This holiday season; remember the following tips:

Self-awareness: Know exactly what you want to buy.

Note: Information that comes from your gift giving.

Speak up: For your child the reasons and messages found above, and let them express their feelings.

Be assured: For children their confusion and frustrations may arise in your decisions.

Also note: Your child will ask about the weather and encourage them to find ways to pay back and change their expectations.



Holiday Decorating: Spend Less & Enjoy More


Have you noticed that retailers are starting to showcase their jewelry and products already and annually? Some people enjoy an early summer vacation, while others like me; feel there is more Christmas. In a scientific study of 1,000 American adults, 73 percent agree with the phrase “I’m angry that the holiday shopping season is over.” Forty-eight percent strongly agree. Only 21 percent disagreed. But, if you are serious about shopping and would have decorated a vacation then this year is the best of all your “vacation” activities.

When to Buy When

Remember when all the good things came after the holiday? Obviously this is true for things like Christmas cards and holiday wrapping paper. But now, retailers are bringing their holiday discounts to make sure their property is sold by Christmas and, you shouldn’t have to wait and buy after the holiday only to pack it for the next 11 months before using it.

Reduce, Use and Restore

The holiday season and its shopping, wrapping and festive atmosphere increase the amount of waste we provide. However, there are many opportunities for the buyer to settle, reuse and restock their remaining balance to enjoy the benefits.

Before you buy anything new, take what you already have, which you can use and dispose of everything else. Social media sites like Pinterest can give you great ideas on how to recreate your current decor.

Keep your jewelry to work again next year. Donate your old decorations to local schools, churches or other nonprofit organizations.

Don’t Be Ashamed for Your Holiday Vacations. YouTube videos are everything you need to be able to use scenery, bows, table decorations, more.

What are the latest trends in holiday decorations?

One of the hottest trends in holiday decor is black and white. Not only is it black and white timeless, it is also a great place to return to add any color, especially red and green. Use black and white and light up your Christmas wreath, your table runner or your Christmas tree. Everything should look elegant and elegant with a touch of black and white.

LED lights continue to incandescent bulbs on trees and buildings. Remember, if you choose to light your lamps, the LED also comes in white and white.

How about using a winter theme instead of decorating for Christmas. If you use the same theme you can leave your decorations longer without your neighbors asking why Santa is still on your roof in Feb.

Finally, instead of scattering small decorations in your home why not decorate one or two areas of your home with larger ones. Your fire blanket and your entry can be used to show off your look.

Worth a Holiday Shopping Décor

Holiday decorations can be very expensive. There is a way to make a home decorated more attractive or not. Art galleries and big box stores often offer 40% off coupons and resorts such as Bed, Bath & Beyond while offering 20 percent off holiday items. Dollar pricing is one of the best holiday shopping destinations on a budget. They feature decorations for every holiday including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other vendors to consider include Kirkland, Pier 1 Imports, Jo-Ann, Big Lots, Sears, and Target.

I hope these ideas bring happiness to your home this holiday season! Remember that dressing up for your home makes it the perfect base for celebrating your family vacation.



Top 10 Places To Have Christmas Holidays


Christmas is the most anticipated holiday and holiday season for people all over the world regardless of religion, age, gender! Come December, the most anticipated month of the year, people will be busy drawing up shopping sessions, ordering presents for their loved ones, and planning travel plans to spend time with their families.

Children and adults remember the beautiful and colorful clothes, the delicious food, the meeting with loved ones, friends and visiting churches and the Mass spent all day praying to Jesus Christ and Mary’s Mother. Christmas is one of the world’s largest festivals for people and celebrations, besides, giving gifts along with prayers and wishes.

Top 10 places to spend Christmas:

The European headquarters of Christmas Napipiiri in Lapland, Finland at the end of the Arctic Circle, each year thousands of tourists around the world visit Santa Clause Village and Santa Park. Families in Europe had a great deal of experience in the Santa Clause and Santa Park communities, which attract children with cool snacks and shops.

In New York the famous Christmas tree is at the Rockefeller Center, then the center of the Christmas exhibition throughout the city. The decor, lighting and snow during this time make the locals feel like strangers.

Quebec is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas; it has been nature’s fun, snowboarding, cool-weather, outdoor enthusiasts and the opportunity to go.

If you are looking for an unusual treat for the evening, then Tromso, Norway is best viewed by North lights since its day is a few hours

In Barcelona, ​​Spain the Christmas holiday runs year-round since January. You come across a holiday with fire extinguishers, signage and beautiful pictures of elephants, camels and millet.

If you want to celebrate Christmas in the outer mountain, then Durango, Colorado is the place where you can celebrate mountain Christmas with a place of creativity, hype and fanigue.

Edinburgh, Scotland is a vibrant Christmas scene, which includes lighting and fire extinguishers.

If you are looking for a Christmas hot spot then the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico will meet you in all the best of electronics, divisions and food.

Charlestone, South Carolina: If you want Christmas with a Southern flair then Charlestone, South Carolina is the place to go. This charming American city welcomes visitors warmly with delightful spices, such as fried eggnog and braised with grits.

Prague: A Christmas experience in the ancient European city of Prague, lined with beautiful churches, history and culture Prague offers a memorable Christmas holiday with its stunning Gothic and Baroque, Christmas decorations.

Around the world Christmas celebrations are starting, if you have 10 Christmas destinations then you are enjoying a holiday more than the rest.



Adult Children – Holidays Vacation With Your Unemployed Families


The holidays are especially stressful for many people, excluding ACOA and survivors of torture and neglect.

The atmosphere hangs in the fragrance of the pretense that families must be together, and the enjoyment should be with everyone.

Some of us have family members who want to believe that the holiday is a time to go, as if any atrocities they have committed in the past should be removed. For many of us who are survivors of ACOA abuse – this perfume and sticker that is only for the holiday season – only adds to our many mistakes. We ask ourselves constantly, once again – as we did as children – we think of it as a problem. We hear ourselves asking, “Maybe it’s me. Either I’m hard or I can’t forgive?”

The ACOA or EAS (who will survive the hearing) can tell you that a portion of their charitable work is about establishing personal and professional boundaries.

We are mortally wounded, and many of us suffer cuts, bruises and wounds we need to heal.

Just because ACOA has started a restoration program, doesn’t mean they can endure the holiday season without worry. On the contrary, the holiday is a wonderful experience for us during the holiday season, and it is important to plan in advance what will happen at the dinner table when all those who have a problem in your life gather, because they do all they can to pretend to be like any other family. happy.

1.) Don’t let it slip under the rejected curtain. It is better to admit that you are spending a vacation with electric vampires – and even lions – than to pretend that your loved ones have no power to harm you. They do – and if we let them – they do.

2.) Be clear about your limits. If men like to irritate your wounds, or women prefer to just annoy something they know is going to happen to you – admit it – feel it coming – then say calmly – “I want to talk about it.”

3.) If you feel like being beaten – even a little – and that the rabbit hole is close – declare that you are uncomfortable – I think you better leave. Then get up and leave.

4.) When you leave, get out of your house loudly saying, “Sorry mom, sorry dad – but I feel like I’m almost sick, and I don’t want you to ruin your holiday meal. Have a nice family celebration – I’ll call you tomorrow. “

5.) If you leave, then you leave with a big smile on your face and your heart – because you are only controlling what was in your hands to do this – and no one has ever knocked you down the rabbit hole, or taken away your power. Good! You just learned how to be responsible for your happiness.

6.) Wear jewelry around your head and meditate at the same time – or keep quiet. I include below. Take a deep breath, and focus on what you drove.

7.) If you feel like crying – then cry – let them all come out … but when you’re done – know that they have taken care of you, and that for the first time in your life, you have learned that ‘you are your boss’.

8.) Get to bed early and cook yourself a wonderful breakfast. Light a candle on your table, ‘to yourself’.

9.) Document your thoughts, and your thoughts – and find a connection with the human power that gives you the opportunity to set boundaries with your family.

10.) Call a friend or colleague you know who welcomes you. Just enjoy the simplicity of the conversation – and keep in mind – that if you learn to set boundaries – your life will begin to change for the better – and maybe next year – you’ll be with people who respect your boundaries and your life. And be prepared – you may not have the people you think.

This holiday season, know that you are not alone. This is a very difficult time for all of us.

But let’s not forget – the Hype we see and hear – is made up of economic factors. The holiday season is about to make a profit for consumers – and the more we hear in the air – and all the ideas we can’t help but notice – yep – all of its advertising partners.

Most of the people are seen as less likely to be cow – they have the potential to grow fat.

Don’t be caught off guard by the short messages that advertisers are running our shops.

Don’t be fooled by all the holiday music you hear being thrown at all the shops you walk in this season.

Do not allow invisible or tangible forces to dominate your mood – or how you see yourself – or this world.

Wake up dear. All of this is false.

You’re your employer.

You have the power.

You’re lovely.




Getting a Vacation When Your Marriage Is Shy


Vacations are a difficult time. But when you have problems in a marriage, it can be very difficult. Very difficult especially. It may seem like everyone else is happy and happy as you struggle through each day. Has this happened to you?

It’s easy to enjoy holiday decorating, gift shopping, family dinners, and parties when all you can think about is whether your wedding will or not. And if you will

Kids, you have a lot of stress trying to do other well-known things when you are less anxious and angry.

So what can you do?

You cannot cancel a time or take out a vacation. But you can plan ahead in advance which will reduce stress. Consider developing some of the following ideas:

1. Honestly and carefully prepare for major events and special days. What could change? Deleted? Instead of something else? Sent to someone else? What do you plan to do as long as you feel it is expected? What would you like to do?

2. Plan your vacation with people who let you be alone. These are the people who accept you the way you are. If you feel like crying, you can cry without being embarrassed. If you feel frustrated, you should not do business. These are people who care about you, and their presence in your life makes you well.

3. Stay in touch with your support networks, such as your church, a group of 12 members, friends, your favorite family members, and other resources. Now, more than ever, you need to feel that you are a big part of people. Just talking with a good friend over the phone can make you feel good and help you feel connected.

4. Unleash the unexpected burden – yours and more. You cannot pretend that everything is okay when it is not right, and you cannot take part in it so as not to offend your family or friends. If you have children, ask a trusted friend or family member to help you plan their entertainment. Your sister might want to include your children when she goes out with her children to play or watch a holiday movie.

5. Make sure you plan some activities during the holiday that will help you cope and increased stress, such as going on a trip and spending time outdoors. Or change your exercise session, take time out, or spend time with friends.

6. Stay in this moment as you can. Do not waste time sharpening your fears by viewing the worst part of your marriage. Life can be alive right now, and your energy and focus should be here now.

7. Try to take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat nutritious foods, and switch to alcoholic beverages. Excessive drinking can destroy your curiosity and increase your chances of saying or doing something to shoot yourself.

8. Go deep within the strength to deal with the uncertainty and stress – use prayer, meditation, time management – everything that helps you connect with a bigger source of strength than you are.

9. Watch your speech. Every day, tell yourself that you will endure in this difficult time, that you will survive, and that you will be right in the long run. Talk to yourself if you are talking to a friend you respect and care for.

10. Increase your exposure to well-meaning people, to books with inspirational content messages, and tapes, sermons, songs, and inspirational talks. Find five different things to be grateful for each day. Focusing more on what you should be thankful for helps focus on everything else.

Have a nice weekend. Be positive, be grateful for the blessing, and be courteous and kind.



Benefits of Holiday and Holiday


As a front-end physician for more than 20 years, I have always encouraged and encouraged my patients, relatives, friends and others to take regular vacations. Except for people with medical problems, there are no restrictions on traveling and taking a vacation. Even the elderly, disabled or pregnant (within 28 weeks of pregnancy) can travel as much as anyone else. The benefits of a vacation and vacation are many, in the short and long term, but many people fail to appreciate the benefits. As a result, only a handful of people around the world travel and reap the benefits of vacation and vacation. Studies show that even employees who receive paid leave by their organizations do not take advantage of such offers for weeks off work.

In this article, I will briefly highlight some of the best vacation and vacation destinations.

Long and healthy life

A recent study by the State University of New York has shown that people who take regular vacation each year reduce the risk of early death by 20 percent. The study also found that those who did not take any vacation in 5 years had a higher risk of dying, as well as a higher rate of cardiovascular disease. This can be explained by the fact that during the holidays people are happier, more relaxed, less relaxed, spend more time with families and loved ones, and away from places where stress is great. An exciting life of relaxation adds to the longevity.

Improving mental health

One study conducted by the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield and published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal showed that vacationers on a regular basis had lower levels of anxiety, fatigue, or depression and were more satisfied with their families. Women who go on very rare vacations show a lot of stress in their homes, are very tired and tired and sleep less. There is no doubt that a permanent vacation will not only make people less stressful in the short term but will also permanently alter mental and mental health. Many researchers have shown that depression increases the risk of heart disease. Since vacation offers more than normal rejuvenation, it also helps to relieve stress.

Re-establishing relationships

The constant, busy and work-oriented culture of today has completely transformed not only our physical and mental health. People do not have much time to spend with friends, children or families. As a result, there are conflicts in the home, children are not well cared for and there is conflict between the spouses, which has led to escalation, divorce and other family disputes. Taking a break from work and enjoying a relaxing and relaxing vacation will not only restore broken relationships and exchange but also refresh, strengthen relationships and connect.

Improving confidence

As we travel, we encounter different experiences and meet different people. They also help us to maintain a positive attitude. It also helps to enhance our cultural competence and prepare us for the unexpected or the unknown.

Natural inspiration through vacation

When we do the same thing over and over again, it starts to get boring and unpleasant. That is what happened to us today. We have been plagued by the monotony that has slowly entered our system and destroyed our creative ability, new ways of thinking, and the opportunity for inspiration. As we travel, we are exposed to new experiences and environments. Things like this can create and help develop the arts within us.

The recession

Numerous studies have shown that vacation not only makes people more efficient but the rest from monotony also benefits people, resulting in a greater sense of well-being.

Looking for a tour

Holidays are a time of pumping adrenalin for many sports enthusiasts. This is an opportunity to make their dreams come true and try many brave games, such as, jumping, shooting water, playing, mountain climbing and many more. Sights like this give people a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Mental and emotional survival

Many people nowadays see vacation as a way to escape mental or emotional stress. Changes in the atmosphere, weather, scenery, quiet surroundings, the slow pace of life, and the fresh air are seen by travelers as a gateway to happiness and spirituality.

Exercise, and lose weight

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Vacations and vacations may encourage people to exercise. They have a lot of time and all kinds of activities (and away from TV and video games!) It helps to lose weight If they are able to continue exercising if they come home, it can help people change their habits and lose weight immediately. Weight loss not only improves your physical and physical appearance but it also reduces your chances of developing anxiety, certain cancers, heart disease and more.

Lastly, vacations and vacations not only bring happiness, excitement, enjoyment and rest in many aspects of life, but also have many long-term consequences such as changes in health and mind, longevity and happiness, renewing relationships, building self-esteem and success, and inspiring us with creativity .



Thinking of Holiday Depression Using Accreditation and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


One way to understand why a holiday is so stressful is to take an ACT approach based on the stress of the holiday. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a behavioral-based approach to coping with mental disorders, is a great way to understand the stress of a vacation because depression often occurs when two or more strong points overlap. Nothing is more apparent than the holiday season that begins on Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. Holidays seem to bring the best and the worst of ourselves and ourselves because we are full of moral conflicts.

People who celebrate holidays with family and friends often do so because they appreciate the relationship and want to spend time with loved ones. One way to realize this is to look at relationships with family and friends as the most important points. Other holiday related ideas include things like sharing food and exchanging gifts. This can be known as secondary or satellite. It is important, but less important than spending time with loved ones.

Journalists view the holiday season as a happy time when families and friends gather around a large table in a spacious dining room with a fireplace. At the table there is a large roasting pan and everyone is dressed and smiles as the man of the house (father or grandfather) skillfully carries the picture. Afterwards everyone gathers around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and exchanges gifts and favors.

Good picture unless you are a vegetarian, you live in a dining room 6, he was with his father or grandmother, he is afraid of a burning fire, he doesn’t like to dress up and he likes to go to a local restaurant that someone else prepares. As a result of conflicts like these, bringing family and friends on vacation brings all sorts of problematic and painful thoughts about gifts, food, personal appearance, budget, travel, accommodation, family updates, and much more.

The three main things you can do to make your mind relaxed are to reflect on your values, to accept your values, to accept them, and to be willing to take action even when you have negative thoughts and pain. By defining your holiday plans well you can use this to create goals that are relevant to this season. This works as a way to get into the season with less stress. Acceptance testing involves the understanding that spending time with family and friends on vacation creates emotional conflicts that can lead to difficult thoughts and painful thoughts. Endeavoring means that you are reasonable and able to be present with your hurt feelings and stressful thoughts and actions (spent with family and friends) that are consistent with your core values. Here are five tips to help you take the ACT-based approach to rethinking your holiday anxiety.

1. Explain your favorite vacation plans before making plans. To do this, complete the following sentence with as many endings as possible: “The things I enjoy about this holiday are …” When you’re done, use your vacation prices from the most important.

2. Set the right goals for your three best. It is best to leave small goals that answer the question; “How much time will they spend?” This will make it easier to fulfill your vacation goals. For example: Above (bloom) tree: “Family.” Purpose: “To visit my relatives on vacation.” Purpose: “I will visit my mother and father, Aunt Millie and her brothers and uncle Bob between Saturday and the weekend at New Year’s Day.

3. Embrace the pain and pain that follows the happiness associated with the holiday. Seeing your family can also exhaust our aging thoughts, feelings and emotions. ACT has found that the worst thing you can do when these harmful thoughts and feelings come is to try to correct, avoid, or eliminate them. That just adds up. The best way to deal with them is to welcome them. Tell: “I am willing to be present with these painful thoughts and feelings in the work of my family (a significant cost).”

4. Exercise some daily exercise. Vacation response triggers energy and causes heartbreak. If you do not give it in the gym it has nowhere else to go and it causes irritability, insomnia, fatigue, and muscle pain.

5. Rest a few times a day. Every day take a few minutes to strengthen yourself by remembering the time available through this wonderful break. Sit back and close your eyes. Place your hands on your abdomen slowly coming out completely through the nose. As you move slowly through your nose you see how much air goes into your nose, down your breath, and all the way down to the bottom of your lungs near where your hands are resting. As you slowly fill your lungs from the floor feel your stomach swell and push your hands. Your lungs will rest completely for a while and see how this feels. Slowly lower your lungs and see what is in your chest as the air comes out. Keep your nose, lungs, lungs and stomach in place for breathing in and out. Repeat this several times a day as many times as you can on vacation.