Hiking And Backpacking

Hiking And Backpacking
We have been nomadic by nature (read: humans). From the early man to even now, we always look for newer places, newer avenues, etc. The only difference is that we do not change settlements as frequent as the early man did. He did that to find a better place/a better shelter to lead his life and where the availability of food was abundant and unhindered.

A Change of Environment

These days, the problem of food availability has almost died down but finding a better alternative to the place we live is always an option, provided we have the money and resources for it. We also have been looking to do something, some activities that transcend the daily routine and the career we are involved in. Hiking is therefore acknowledged as one of the best outdoor activities ever. Very few are lucky enough to take it up as their career; and fewer still are lucky to have made a fortune out of it talking of celebrity hikers and backpackers.

This activitys exclusivity lies in the fact that not many take up this as an adventure activity or even a fun outdoor activity. The earth is a huge place where diversity can be found in nature almost everywhere. Man has built cities and made them look alike but the fact remains that the fun, peace and solace we find in hiking or outdoor activities is immense and immeasurable. It is not that everyone takes it up and that ups its mysterious, adventure quotient.

Advantages of Backpacking and Hiking

Starting off with backpacking it teaches you how to be ready at all times. It teaches you to be independent and adapt to environment fast. It makes you more disciplined than youd ever thought. It makes you strong like a mountain and disciplined like the Marines. If ever you loved to be a part of the men in uniform, you must know that they are excellent backpackers and hikers.

Hiking benefits you in more ways than anything else:

It instills a sense of confidence in you. Hiking makes you discover new places and discovery of nature is perhaps the best thing that man can do. It also brings you closer to nature of which unfortunately, we have drifted far apart.

It is a sense of achievement and self-satisfaction that no money can ever fulfill.

If youre on hiking expeditions, you will realize that in the end of the expedition, youre a changed person. Youre a winner of sorts and youll seem to have a better control on your life and activities. Not to mention, that your career graph will take an upward turn.

If you worry about your fitness levels, forget health problems because with hiking and backpacking, you will be at your best fitness and best mental health.

Each expedition is a journey of experience and learning. You shall be amazed to know that nature has so much to offer that cannot be ever compared to the academic education we receive

If you want a positive turn in your life for a change, for betterment and be inspired from something, hiking is an activity you should take up definitely.

Jennifer Ow Yeong – a fulltime healthcare professional with 40 years of working experience in the government and private hospital. To get more information on Hiking and Backpacking, visit http://hikingbackpackingholidays.com