Great Hiking in Niagara Falls

Great Hiking in Niagara Falls

Apart from amazing panoramic views, fine dining and gambling opportunities, Niagara Falls offers great hiking. The most favored trail just take 10 minutes drive from the famous Niagara Falls down the Niagara River. It is part of Niagara Glen Nature Reserve maintained by the government. This reserve offer free parking, washrooms, picnic tables and look-out points.


The trail goes along the Niagara Falls River that separates Canada from United States and it is kind of cool to see the foreign country on the other side of the river. Actually, I would say that Niagara River forms a mini-canyon with relatively sharp descend from the main road. You can make various loops as part of this trail, but I prefer to go opposite to clock-wise direction descending right to the whirlpool and returning on the top of the rim.

So, the trail starts with a sharp descend to famous Whirlpool, place where Niagara River makes a sharp 90 degrees turn towards Lake Ontario.


This place is famous among fishing enthusiasts especially in the fall season.


You can also observe large masses of water that pass through narrow parts of the river. The trail has many huge rocks that over time fall from the top of the rim. As time passes, these rocks get integrated into the landscape by plants that cover them from bottom to top. I even like them more than famous Flowerpot rocks at Bruce Peninsula.


At some point you get a feeling that the whole place is a battlefield bombed with the huge rocks. The river is also utilized by the Whirlpool Jet Boats that offer a thrill of flying through the rapids. I personally enjoy watching them rather than being part of the ride. The trail featuring beautiful breach and maple trees and it gets even prettier in the fall.


Be prepared for medium difficulties ascend to get on the top of the rim. Once there, you will be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views and asphalt pedestrian road. Overall, this is amazing trail that can be used as half day adventure at your stay in Niagara Falls area.


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