Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking Safety Tips
Hiking is an enjoyable activity that can also be seen as a form of exercise. Those that love the outdoors and get bored at the gym may find it exciting to venture through the trails of a nearby mountain or forest. There are some hiking safety tips that should be known so that your trip will be as pleasing as possible. Read on to learn more about what you can do before and during your journey to stay safe.

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Before you leave, there are several things you should do to prepare for your hike. Map your route and make a few copies. Carry on with you to help keep you from getting lost once on the path. Also, give one to someone so that they know where you are. You should also give them an estimated time on which you plan to return. Get a hiking partner if at all possible. The best of all hiking safety tips is to avoid hiking by yourself, especially in unfamiliar areas.

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Water is the one of the most essential components to life. It is important that you are well hydrated before and during your hike. For proper hiking safety, be sure that you pack enough water to last you throughout the day. Start your day by drinking one or two cups of water. Avoid drinking coffee the day of your hike. Sports drinks are also not recommended, as water is the best beverage to keep a hiker from getting too thirsty.

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One of the most common hiking safety tips is to make sure that you wear hiking boots when trekking through the mountains. Sneakers, sandals, and other shoes will not protect your feet as well as shoes designed specifically for hiking. You want to be sure to break them in good before you wear them in the trails. Having brand new shoes on when hiking can cause sore feet and blisters at the end of the day. Avoid borrowing hiking boots from someone else as well, as you will never know if they are broke in or too worn when getting them this way.

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Check the weather forecast so that you can dress accordingly. If you are hiking in cool weather, always dress in layers. You can always take clothing off if you get too hot. Also, among the most important hiking safety tips is to wear an outer layer of clothing that is water resistant. This will prevent you from getting chilled should it start to rain. Carry a few extra articles of clothing with you, including an extra pair of socks.

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Pack the most essential items for hiking safety. These include a map, compass, first aid kit, flashlight, knife with many different tools, matches, and sun screen. These items are vital if you were to get stuck in the woods overnight. Make sure your daypack is durable and will hold these items plus extra clothing properly. Being prepared is necessary for hiking safety.

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As you can see, there are many hiking safety tips to follow when venturing through the mountains. You want to be sure to remain as safe as possible. Always prepare for the worst, even when it is not likely to occur.

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Hiking Monroe State Forest

Hiking Monroe State Forest

Located on the northwestern tip of Massachusetts the Monroe State Forest offers over 4,000 acres of majestic New England woodlands, planted on the northern end of the Hoosac Range.

The most important thing you need to know about hiking the Monroe State Forest is that there are better options available. Although spots along these trails can be tranquil the repeated intrusion of civilization will prevent you from really getting lost in the moment. The trails themselves are neither particularly easy enough to accommodate all comers nor particularly challenging enough to attract spirited hikers. Given that the maintenance has fallen into somewhat disrepair the best reason to hike this park is simply because that is where you happen to be today.

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Although there are several minor alternatives, hiking these woods really comes down to the Dunbar Brook Trail and the Spruce Mountain Trail. One offering a waterside view the other a birds eye view from the ridge-line. When traveled together the two trails offer a nice afternoon hike of about 9 miles round-trip and some rustic overnight lodgings are available. For the less ambitious each trail can be traveled separately the Dunbar Trail is roughly 3 miles one-way and the Spruce Mountain Trail about 1.6 Miles one-way.


The trail start at the base of the brook on the Dunbar Trail. The first quarter-mile or so can be discouraging as signs of civilization are all around. Not far in though things will improve about the time you get to the first designated campsite. The campsite offers some of the nicer overlooks along the trail and may be worth a quick stop.

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A short while past the camping area opportunities will present themselves to take side trails for more scenic views. Caution is warranted however as much of the hiking trails are no longer in good condition and some missed markings can make it easy to get lost. If you are looking to take some majestic pictures it may be worth it to take the Raycroft side trail to the lookout above, otherwise I would suggest staying on the main trail.

If you do stay on the main trail you will shortly arrive at a second designated camping area. This is a good place to stop and take a breather. The campsite offers some enjoyable waterways and the opportunity to make a decision about whether to continue on the second leg or not. The next leg of the trail is mostly an ascent and is often interrupted by inelegant man made intrusions.

The first part of the ascent offers some interesting picture taking opportunities. Large boulders, sparkling waterworks and a surprising variety of trees and fauna should satisfy any shutterbug. Take the opportunity to snap some shots and recover your breath as the ascent after this becomes more aggressive. Shortly you will reach Raycroft road and soon the Spruce Mountain Trail. You will know you are at the right place when you come to the bridge.

Although the beginning of this trail is quite steep the wildlife sounds and new natural colors are enjoyable. As you near the end of your journey you will come to a fork in the road. The right fork leads to an outcropped area that offers marginal views and a place to rest. The left trail offers a scenic ‘long way home’ that will offer a little variety on the trip back.

Whenever you venture into the outdoors always think safety first. Make sure you bring items like first aid kits, cold weather gear and snake bite kits when appropriate. One item often overlooked is a reliable communication device in case of emergency. Cell phones often do not work in wilderness environemtns. A small portable radio is a good idea. If you are looking for hand held CB Radios for sale or more powerful 10 Meter Radios we can help.

Hiking the Housatonic River Valley

Hiking the Housatonic River Valley

In picturesque Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut lies the Housatonic River Valley. Nestled in this valley are over 130 miles of some of the most beautiful and scenic hiking trails in the North Eastern United States. Although quite lovely in the fall this hike isn’t for beginners and offers as much challenging terrain as it does scenic beauty.

When you are talking about hiking the Housatonic River Valley you are really talking about traveling about 130 miles of the legendary Appalachian Trail. Although this portion of the trail is well traveled it is arduous and needs to be respected. Hikers will experience significant elevation changes from about 225 feet to over 2500 feet, steep inclines and rocky treacherous trails.

Given the challenge and unpredictable weather of the region it is best to make contingency plans and come well prepared. Making arrangements to resupply and find transportation back to your starting point should be done well in advance. Although there are temporary shelters along the route it would be wise to make no assumptions that they will be available when you get there as they cannot be reserved. Packing your own tent for any form of overnight stay is a must.

The southern portion of the river valley trail starts in Connecticut and offers an opportunity for quality nature photography immediately. The traveler will enjoy both ridge top and closeup views of the Housatonic River and, depending on the season, oak trees losing their leaves.

There is an unfortunate return to reality once you reach Housatonic State Forrest as you will be reminded of just how close you actually are to civilization. However just as you are about to leave the state of Connecticut you find one of the most amazing spots along the entire trail. At the highest peak in Connecticut is a tower that offers panoramic unobstructed views overlooking three states. The tower offers some of the best picture taking along the trail.

As you cross the Massachusetts border you will be challenged by elevation gains but the reward is worth it. As you ascend you will have your first opportunity to see trail-side waterfalls. Once you are along the upper ridge line the magnificent view seems to roll on forever.

After a brief traverse through some lowlands you will be exposed to the very tranquil sections of the trail. From here forward you will mostly stay in secluded woodlands and enjoy natures untapped beauty. You should keep a sharp eye as you will travel past several local landmarks including Beartown State Forrest and several well know ponds. As you pass the ponds opportunities for wildlife photography may present themselves to a prepared traveler. Take advantage of what you can while you are here because as you pass into October State Park vistas become few and far between.

As you exit the Housatonic River Valley and approach Mount Greylock you can look forward to more challenging terrain along this section of the trail. Fortuneteller the famous Bascom Lodge and War Memorial will greet the tired and weary traveler. This is as good a place as any to recharge your batteries and remind yourself why you took the time to enjoy natures wonderment.

As we mentioned earlier you always want to be prepared when traversing terrain like this. The weather in Fall in New England can be quite unpredictable. Items like first aid kits and appropriate camping gear can keep a vacation from becoming a disaster. A good reliable form of communication in case of emergency is also a good idea. Anything from small portable radios to in-vehicle mobile units can be life savers. If you are looking for CB Radios for sale or 10 Meter Radios we can help.

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Having Fun While Hiking

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There are so many benefits to choosing an all-inclusive vacation. For example, many of these resorts have an incredible range of activities for both adults and children. Upon arrival, you will probably make a list of things during the day and evening.
For the most part, you never have to leave your resort if you do not want to do that. There are no additional costs associated with the trip. In fact, the menus, beverage lists and amenities never even show you the prices. You still get the great service that you expect from an expensive vacation site, but with an all-inclusive vacation that you never tip anyone – it’s just all included. It really is the ultimate escape from the “real world.”
Having Fun While Hiking
One of the most popular outdoor sports among those with access to relevant trails is hiking. The sport is one that allows people to get a very intensive workout while enjoying their surroundings.

Hiking can either be done in a social context, or it can be a solo experience. While most safety guidelines recommend that people do not venture off alone, going solo up a marked trail is a good reflective experience as well.

This is one of the greatest strengths of hiking, in that it is versatile enough for anyone to enjoy it under any circumstance. If someone wants to go up a trial while in a group, they can do that easily.

If a challenge is wanted, then a steep option that has a tough grade and a myriad of terrain features may be selected. Conversely, someone who simply wants to go on a slow easy walk can choose something more horizontal for themselves.

The challenge and strain that are associated with hiking can be entirely based on the preference of the participants, which adds a lot of choice and customization onto the proceedings. It also allows people to train and condition themselves into being better athletes, because they can select a series of journeys that increase in intensity every time.

At its core, hiking is a fairly simplistic concept. It simply requires the user to ascend up a slope or trail while on foot.

However, this simplicity is compounded by the fact that no two routes are the same, and based on the difficulty of the route, people may need to bring gear to supplement their efforts. A light trip may simply require a water bottle and some light clothing, while a heavy duty one may take days and require participants to pack food and water for that time.

In any situation, there are a set of skills that need to be employed while hiking in order to ensure successful results. The person needs to be properly equipped for what they are doing, first of all.

If someone is unprepared, either from a physical standpoint or from a lack of supplies, then they will hinder or cripple their efforts. Making sure that the body is ready to make the ascent is something that is highly encouraged.

The participant will need to learn the proper pacing of the trail, as well. Trips are most often successful when people adopt a slow and steady pace and maintain that pace consistently for the whole trip.

Sudden outbursts of energy or making a constant series of stops will allow the bodies of the participants to become complacent, and will damage the overall rhythm that they have developed for themselves as well. Any kind of irregularity will jar the person out of the rhythm that they have built up for themselves, which can make continuing on a difficult notion.

Conditioning and training are essential. As previously mentioned, attempting to climb up something that is technical pr difficult without mastering the basics can be something that breaks a person’s resolve to return to the activity.

Starting small and increasing the workload in small increments can have very positive results, and can quickly train people to be ready for the trails that they will traverse. Along with all of these variables, it is important for the participant to develop a sense of conservation as they head up the trail.

This extends to exertion, resting time, food consumption, and water intake. All of these variables make themselves present during trips, and experienced athletes develop a sense of timing and conservation that allows them to make the most of what they have as they go.

Hiking is something that can be as casual or challenging as people make it. However, knowing how to establish a good hiking rhythm and building up the knowledge base can greatly aid in the overall effort as people travel along the route that they have selected.

Hiking is a fun and engaging activity that combines the rigors of brisk exercise with the natural joy and wonder that comes with being outdoors. It is one of the best ways that people can experience the wonders that surround them, and is a workout that is sure to challenge even the most skilled of participants.

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Choosing A Gps For Hiking

Choosing A Gps For Hiking
Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities across the globe these days because of the exercise it provides people, the sights and sounds of nature, and the adventure of roaming through the woods. More and more hikers are using GPS systems when they go hiking so they do not get lost in the woods, leaving them stranded for days, without any way of knowing how to get home. Many sporting goods stores are now selling GPS for hiking systems because of the popularity of the hobby and the demand of hikers for these systems.

A hiking GPS, one with a map screen, will be the most beneficial to you on your hike. The map screen will make it easier for you to find out where you are in location to landmarks around you. the map screen will also let you know distances to roadways in and around your location, which can help you find your way out of the woods should you get lost. Make sure the GPS system has 20 megs for mapping so there is enough space on the GPS system without it working slowly or not working at all.

Two other features of the perfect GPS for hiking include waypoints and route capability. Your GPS should have room for at least 500 waypoints and capability for at least 20 routes. Another feature your GPS should have is the capability to use multiple data sources in the event that you want to log onto the internet or send an email from your GPS. Possibly the most important feature of a GPS system is the screen’s readability and its size. If you cannot read the information on the screen, you will have trouble navigating your hike. Your screen should be in black and white, which makes the screen easier to read than color printing when in the sunlight.

Other features for a hiking GPS system include bearing to next waypoint, a 12 channel parallel receiver system, light and easy to carry, waterproof, long life batteries, external amplified antenna and the ability for the GPS to upload topo maps. Of all these features, battery life is vitally important, especially if you will be going on extended hikes and not one that lasts an hour or so. Your battery should last from the minute you walk out of your house to begin the hike to the minute you return home from the hike. This guarantees that the GPS system will continue to work during your entire hike, keeping you up to speed on where you are located and if you are still hiking on the path that you outlined prior to beginning.

Purchasing a weather resistant GPS will ensure that the system will work even if you are hiking in bad weather, such as rain, sleet, or snow. This is especially helpful if you are hiking across ground that has streams or rivers on it and you happen to fall in, with the GPS becoming submerged. You will not have any problems with the GPS getting wet since it is waterproof, which means it will not short circuit.

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Hiking In The Highlands

Hiking In The Highlands
Hiking in the highlands of Scotland is a wonderful experience, and chances are once you have done it you will want to do it again. But if youve never been hiking in the highlands before, there are some things you should do to prepare to make sure you get the best experience. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

1. Dress appropriately.
Even in the summer the highlands can be cold and windy. Check the weather forecast, of course, but dont trust it entirely. Wear layers, and bring an umbrella and a raincoat, even if you end up leaving them in the car. You also need to wear appropriate footwear. Sneakers are not considered appropriate for hiking, even if they feel comfortable. You should wear hiking boots with sturdy ankles that provide the support you need.

2. Pack a lunch.
Even if its not a usual meal time you should bring food when hiking. You may end up walking further than you intended, and its always good to bring food in the event that you accidentally get lost. Carry high energy foods like granola bars and nuts. You should also bring plenty of water.

3. Bring a camera and binoculars.
The highlands boast amazing scenery and views you wont want to miss or forget. Binoculars make it so you can see even more, and some people even like to take telescopes.

4. Carry a map.
Even if you are positive you know where youre going, even the most seasoned hiker gets lost sometimes. Carrying a map ensures that you have a better chance of finding your way back to your vehicle even if your cell phone is out of range and you cant get in touch with anyone for help.

5. Tell someone where you are going.
If you do get lost and you arent home when expected, someone can contact emergency services for help.

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Multifunctional Military Hiking Backpack

Multifunctional Military Hiking Backpack

Whether you are a hardcore hiker or hike every once in a while, what better day hike backpack to use than the one specially made for the army? Hiking packs for the military were designed to be lightweight, extremely durable, and portable. The military hiking backpack is also versatile, because you can carry it as a regular travel bag or convert it into a backpack by attaching the straps. Before you buy a military backpack, you should know that there are four types available to choose from, such as the bugout bag, daysack, snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack, and snugpack kit monster.


The Bugout Bag


The bugout bag features a four way carry strap system with shoulder, side, top, and back straps. This unique system permits you to attach items to the hiking pack. There are also several zip compartments located on this day hike backpack. These organizer compartments can be used to store all sorts of accessories. Another unique feature of the bugout bag is that if you need more room for all of your items, you can expand it. For added comfort, the straps are padded. With other backpacks, the straps can dig into your skin chafing it and cause pain. These hiking packs also use stress point reinforced stitching and waterproof material, in order to increase the durability of the backpack.




The daysack has side pockets that increase the room for storing necessary items and accessories. In addition, this day hike backpack has an elastic luggage accessory, which allows you to attach items to. The daysack is also unique for its adjustable air flow back system. Some daysacks even come equipped with a detachable rain cover. For aesthetic preferences, this hiking pack comes in numerous colors, such as cobalt, red, black, and navy.


Snugpak Sleepka Force 35 Rucksack


The snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack is lightweight, portable, and versatile. Its versatility allows it to be used for all sorts of occasions and it can be used as a general rucksack or tactical support rucksack. There are also many compartments to allow for more storage room and the backpack is made from waterproof material to allow for high durability. In addition, the snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack has numerous straps, including waist straps, contoured shoulder straps, and chest straps. The multiple pockets the hiking pack has includes side pockets and pouch storage.


Snugpack Kit Monster


The snugpack kit monster is ideal for pack rats or for people who carry many items with them, because it holds up to 120 liters of items. This enormous hiking pack resembles a duffel bag and can be carried as a hand held bag or a backpack. If you have excess room in the bag, you can decrease the size and re-expand it as needed.


Military backpacks are the most comfortable, durable, and spacious of all hiking bags hands down. Nothing else can compare to their high efficiency and quality. There are many different types of these hiking packs, such as the bugout bag, daysack, snugpak sleepka force 35 rucksack, and snugpack kit monster. The different types of military hiking backpacks allow you to select which one suits your needs and desires.


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Hiking Safari Destinations In Uganda

Hiking Safari Destinations In Uganda
Hiking safaris in Uganda are one of the most memorable adventures in the world. Our Hiking Safaris and Trips take you for short hiking trips and long hiking trips on Mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon or Muhavura ranges in the Western part of the country. Mountain Elgon is an Extinct Volcano that first erupted more than million years ago. The most interesting hiking destination is Uganda are highlighted in the article.
Mt. Rwenzori
A trip to the Rwenzori Mountains is a memorable experience to last a life time. The Rwenzori is known primarily for its challenging hiking and climbing possibilities. The Rwenzori offers treks of walkers and climbers of varying abilities. Trips are normally arranged for 6-7 days and preparations can be made through a guide. The Rwenzori Mountaineering services are the custodians of Rwenzori Mountain and help in arranging hiking tours here.
Mt. Elgon
Mount Elgon is the fourth highest mountain in East Africa with 4321meters (Wagagai peak) after Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya and Rwenzori. Mt. Elgon Climbing is a fascinating adventure. At 4,321m, it is also reasonably high and it is advisable to prepare adequately. You also get to spot the Sipi Falls; one of Uganda’s most romantic and beautiful falls.
Mt. Mgahinga
Mount Mgahinga is quite bigger than the average ‘Gahinga’ but sitting next to Mount Muhavura does make it look small. On your way to the Park, look out for small piles of stones in the garden fields. The local people call such a pile a ‘Gahinga’. A hike, who takes you about, six hours round trip, goes through a good example of a pure Bamboo forest. Mgahinga once had a Crater Lake on top but time has changed it into a Lush swamp. Distance to the swamp is 8 km.
Mt Sabinyo
Like an old man, time has eroded Mt. Sabinyo’s crown. This volcano offers 3 challenging peaks to climb. A climb up the mountain takes one up a ridge along the eastern side of the climb to peak one. If you are to continue, the climb to peak eleven involves walking a ridge with breath-taking drops into gorges of Rwanda and Uganda. Finally, the hike up to the peak 111 is steep with several ladders and mush scrambling. You are guaranteed to get your hands dirty en-route to peak 11! Once on top, you will be in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda at the same time. The journey takes about eight hours round trip to cover the 14 km stretch.
Mt Muhavura
Seen from all over Kisoro, this volcano acts as a guide. The typical cone-shaped Mountain provides some of the best views in the country. Much of the climb passes a rocky surface covered by grasses and small shrubs. Once at the top, hikers are rewarded with the view of the other Virunga volcanoes, Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi and the peaks of Rwenzori Mountain. The hike takes approximately 8 hours round trip covering 12 km. You are advised to camp at the Muhavura base camp the night before the site has no facilities so you need a tent, water, food and sleeping gear.

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Choosing Hiking Boots

Choosing Hiking Boots
If you’re going hiking then there are many considerations to figure into your plan, including food, clothing and a route! One of the most improtant parts of hiking wear is what goes on your feet, as it will be your feet which will be working hardest, to navigate the rugged terrain. If you can’t walk, you can’t hike, so get it right.

Many people think that an ordinary pair of trainers or wellies will do, but they are usually wrong. In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, it’s important that proper hiking footwear is used, to help support and protect your feet properly.

A decent pair of hiking boots can last a long time, so sometimes it is better to spend a bit more on a boot of superior quality, offering better comfort, support and protection. Make sure you get the right size and ensure that the boot will fit with your choice of hiking sock (usually someething thick). Ensure that your toes are protected by the shoe, and walking up and down a ramp might also help you make your selection.

Low cut boots are the most suitable for short, day hikes, and are perfect for use on level ground. Longer hikes are better served by mid cut boots, which are better for inclines and rugged surfaces. They offer more ankle support and are more waterproof. They are available in synthetic or hybrid leather-synthetic blends. They keep out gravel or stones more effectively than shorter boots.

High cut boots are really only for very serious hikers, with additional strength and ankle support designed for use with a heavy backpack on the most troubling of terrain.

One important thing to remember about hiking boots is that if they break they will not work properly. Always carry a spare pair of decent laces on the hiking trail. Round laces tend to be strong than the flat type, and so they tend to last longer and are more reliable. The pressue and support offered by decent laces are essential to a good hiking experience.

The sole is really important; as you need to make sure that it is strong enough for the terrain you plan to walk on. The rockier and harsher the terrain, the more robust the sole should be. Forest or jungle hiking will usually benefit from soft soles while mountaineering requires rigid, thick soles.

If you plan to make a habit of going on hiking trips then it’s well worth investing in a decent pair of hiking boots before you realise exactly why they are so necessary.

John Mce writes on a number of subjects including hiking boots, walking boots and ski wear.

Best Hiking Mountains In Seoul

Best Hiking Mountains In Seoul
Each of the 37 mountains in Seoul has a unique beauty all its own. At 837 meters high, Mt. Bukhansan is the highest in Seoul, and attracts a large number of hikers from all over the nation. Apart from Mt. Bukhansan, there are seven mountains including Dobongsan and Suraksan that are over 600 meters high. In addition to these steep mountains, there are also some with trails that make climbing as easy as a downtown stroll.

This feature presents a number of easy-to-climb mountains as well as mountain parks. Anyone can visit them to view the natural scenery or to get some exercise, and it doesnt require any equipment. Follow KTO to the best spots nature has to offer all right in the heart of Seoul.

Mt. Umyeonsan

A 10-minute walk from Nambu Express Bus Terminal station on Subway Line 3 will take you to Seoul Arts Center. The overpass in front of the center leads directly to a hiking trail for Mt. Umyeonsan. Named for its shape, which resembles a sleeping cow, 293 meter-high Umyeonsan lies between Seocho-gu in Seoul and Gwacheon in Gyeonggi-do. For this reason, it is one of the most popular hiking trails in Gangnam, together with Mt. Cheonggyesan and Gwanaksan.

For a refreshing one-hour hike, climb up until you come to Daeseongsa Temple and to a spring, and then come down to Seoul Arts Center to relax. A visit to the performance halls in the center, the Hangaram Art Museum, and the Korean Calligraphy Museum are also worthwhile places to see.

How to Get There: Take Subway Line 3 to Nambu Express Bus Terminal (Exit 5) Walk ahead and turn right at the intersection Walk ahead and go up the overpass to go to the hiking trail

Mt. Umyeonsan Natural Ecological Park
This park, which covers a 318,644 area and is 1,320m in length, is relatively unknown. A 10-minute ride on bus No. 3217 from Yangjae Station (Subway Line 3) will take you to a beautiful rural residential town. Located on the outskirts is an ecological park, which has 14 sections including a butterfly observatory, and insect and flower observatories. It takes approximately one hour to look around.

Another good alternative is to take a leisurely walk along the path, relax on one of the many benches along the way, and listen to birds or insects while enjoying some time in meditation. While the park does not offer a view of Seoul, it has a picturesque reservoir that welcomes visitors.

How to Get There: Take Subway Line 3 to Yangjae Station (Exit 7) Take green bus No. 3412 Get off at the last stop Walk ahead and turn left at the three-way intersection Walk ahead and take the unpaved road on the left for another 100 meters.
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Mt. Yongmasan
Mt. Yongmasan, at 348 meters high, has stationary exercise equipment along the hiking trail and an octagonal pavilion halfway up the mountain. At the summit, there is a marker showing the mountains height above sea level and a large steel radio tower. As you walk down towards Mt. Achasan from the summit, you will find the ruins of a small fort of the Goguryeo era (BC37~AD668) built at a strategic point overlooking the area of Jungnangcheon Stream.

On the way up, you will find numerous observation platforms from which one can see a great view of some of the landmarks of Seoul such as the Hangang Bridge, Mt. Namsan, 63 City building, and Gangnam COEX. In general, people start their hike from Mt. Yongmasan and go down to Mt. Achasan, or vice versa. Either trail takes about two hours. Some areas are steep, so it is important to wear hiking boots or trekking shoes.
When going up the mountain from Yongmasan Station, make sure to stop by Yongmasans Waterfall Park. The largest man-made waterfall in Asia, where the central falls are 51 meters high, while those on each side are 21 meters. At regular intervals, the water volume increases making a stronger flow

How to Get There: Take Subway Line 7 to Yongmasan Station (Exit 2) Walk into the entrance of Hanshin Apartments, and walk ahead Go up the stairs next to the pavilion and take a right past the playground to an exercise facility Next to the facility, go up the stairs behind the wired fence.
Time: From the summit of Mt. Yongmasan to Mt. Achasan, it takes about 2 hours to 2 and a half hours..

Mt. Achasan
At 287 meters high, Mt. Achasan is an easy 30-minute hike, which is perfect for beginners. In fact, many people walk up the mountain wearing casual clothing. It offers hikers a birds-eye-view of the Hangang River and the downtown area. At the halfway observation deck and the summit, youll get a view of the upper stream of the Hangang River, and the cities of Guri and Hanam. This is the closest vantage point for viewing the Hangang River from above.

How to Get There: Take Subway Line 5 to Achasan Station (Exit 2) Turn left at the first intersection Walk ahead and turn right at the dead-end three-way intersection Walk for about 200 meters Walk by Hwayangsa Temple and you will see the Daeseongam Entrance, which leads to the mountain.

Required time: It takes about one hour to go up and down the summit of Mt. Achasan. If you plan to start at Mt. Achasan and climb down Mt. Yongmasan, it will take about 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Mt. Namsan
Located in the heart of Seoul, Mt. Namsan is easily accessible by the yellow loop bus or cable car, which goes straight to N Tower. If you want to see more of this mountain, put on some comfortable running shoes and take a leisurely stroll. Mt. Namsan is more for walking than hiking.

Another point of interest, there are a number of film locations on this mountain for movies and dramas. The stairway leading to the fountain is the backdrop for the final scene of My Lovely Sam-soon, while the fountain itself was a scene in the film Lovers in Paris. You can also take a cable car or loop bus up to N Seoul Tower and then walk down. This is a great trail for those who want to enjoy a carefree walk and do some sightseeing.

How to Get There: Take Subway Line 4 to Chungmuro Station (Exit 2) or take Subway Line 3 to Dongguk University Station (Exit 6) Take the Namsan loop bus Get off at the National Theater Walk ahead and turn right The trail starts on the left where there is traffic control.

Required time: It depends because there are many available trails in Namsan. If you are pressed for time, you can always come down halfway along the trails.

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