Benefits of Holiday and Holiday


As a front-end physician for more than 20 years, I have always encouraged and encouraged my patients, relatives, friends and others to take regular vacations. Except for people with medical problems, there are no restrictions on traveling and taking a vacation. Even the elderly, disabled or pregnant (within 28 weeks of pregnancy) can travel as much as anyone else. The benefits of a vacation and vacation are many, in the short and long term, but many people fail to appreciate the benefits. As a result, only a handful of people around the world travel and reap the benefits of vacation and vacation. Studies show that even employees who receive paid leave by their organizations do not take advantage of such offers for weeks off work.

In this article, I will briefly highlight some of the best vacation and vacation destinations.

Long and healthy life

A recent study by the State University of New York has shown that people who take regular vacation each year reduce the risk of early death by 20 percent. The study also found that those who did not take any vacation in 5 years had a higher risk of dying, as well as a higher rate of cardiovascular disease. This can be explained by the fact that during the holidays people are happier, more relaxed, less relaxed, spend more time with families and loved ones, and away from places where stress is great. An exciting life of relaxation adds to the longevity.

Improving mental health

One study conducted by the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield and published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal showed that vacationers on a regular basis had lower levels of anxiety, fatigue, or depression and were more satisfied with their families. Women who go on very rare vacations show a lot of stress in their homes, are very tired and tired and sleep less. There is no doubt that a permanent vacation will not only make people less stressful in the short term but will also permanently alter mental and mental health. Many researchers have shown that depression increases the risk of heart disease. Since vacation offers more than normal rejuvenation, it also helps to relieve stress.

Re-establishing relationships

The constant, busy and work-oriented culture of today has completely transformed not only our physical and mental health. People do not have much time to spend with friends, children or families. As a result, there are conflicts in the home, children are not well cared for and there is conflict between the spouses, which has led to escalation, divorce and other family disputes. Taking a break from work and enjoying a relaxing and relaxing vacation will not only restore broken relationships and exchange but also refresh, strengthen relationships and connect.

Improving confidence

As we travel, we encounter different experiences and meet different people. They also help us to maintain a positive attitude. It also helps to enhance our cultural competence and prepare us for the unexpected or the unknown.

Natural inspiration through vacation

When we do the same thing over and over again, it starts to get boring and unpleasant. That is what happened to us today. We have been plagued by the monotony that has slowly entered our system and destroyed our creative ability, new ways of thinking, and the opportunity for inspiration. As we travel, we are exposed to new experiences and environments. Things like this can create and help develop the arts within us.

The recession

Numerous studies have shown that vacation not only makes people more efficient but the rest from monotony also benefits people, resulting in a greater sense of well-being.

Looking for a tour

Holidays are a time of pumping adrenalin for many sports enthusiasts. This is an opportunity to make their dreams come true and try many brave games, such as, jumping, shooting water, playing, mountain climbing and many more. Sights like this give people a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Mental and emotional survival

Many people nowadays see vacation as a way to escape mental or emotional stress. Changes in the atmosphere, weather, scenery, quiet surroundings, the slow pace of life, and the fresh air are seen by travelers as a gateway to happiness and spirituality.

Exercise, and lose weight

Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic. Vacations and vacations may encourage people to exercise. They have a lot of time and all kinds of activities (and away from TV and video games!) It helps to lose weight If they are able to continue exercising if they come home, it can help people change their habits and lose weight immediately. Weight loss not only improves your physical and physical appearance but it also reduces your chances of developing anxiety, certain cancers, heart disease and more.

Lastly, vacations and vacations not only bring happiness, excitement, enjoyment and rest in many aspects of life, but also have many long-term consequences such as changes in health and mind, longevity and happiness, renewing relationships, building self-esteem and success, and inspiring us with creativity .