Bye Bye Holiday and Holiday Dinner

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Bye Bye Holiday
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Hope everyone had a happy, happy, happy and happy Holiday experience either by chance or by lack thereof. Whatever you have done, to make it more than enough for you. Since the holiday was shortened to one short week, from Saturday to the following weeks on Sunday, there was no time to rest. You should use the holiday season with both hands and legs to your advantage.
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Vacation for me means visiting a family, since they live in a foreign country (Canada) this is an isolated incident and consequently has great meaning. I have to get everyone to hear their reality and then let go of the pain. Because with a large family it takes a lot of effort and energy, especially because there are so many children and I don’t want to miss the details of their development. I also want them to remember me fondly until the next time I see them in six months. Holiday shopping helps.
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With a family that can be a big part of a vacation everything else ends. Even in the end we arrived in New York and I came back in the balance and realized something very important. I’m sure you remember my “first attempt” that was ‘Atkins’ and its negative effects. Since then I have restored carbs in my daily regimen and focused on healthy, whole grains, veggies galore including delicate protein. Also trying to eat a lot of foods are small portions of blood sugar, meaning there is no blood sugar that causes insulin to produce cortisol that causes fat to be stored in the abdomen. I can usually get lots of food a day.
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The reason why these years since Holiday was amazing was because my weight never changed. When last year I stopped the Atkins I gained four pounds on vacation. Here’s why I had different results. It wasn’t because this time around I was very well trained. Nor was it because I avoided eating. It was because my body was used to carbs which are an important part of daily nutrients so I didn’t do this with the storage of water to excess carbs.
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I must tell you here that my brother wife Bonnie is a wonderful cook. I strongly advised her to distribute her gifts and to be technically proficient. Everything he made I had to try because I knew how good it was.
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Although I do admit that they use sugar and some kind of white fat and balloons I accept everything they make in my stomach because it is glorious which is why it has to be good for me. I know it is not good, but his balance didn’t lie and I didn’t gain any pounds. I also had only a few days to eat this diet but enough to ruin it last year.
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Another part of the amazing paradox is that after my body becomes accustomed to carbs and the right state, my metabolism also finds homeostasis, a stable state where the body wants to live. Yes it is a few pounds except when I was at Atkins but now it is healthy and fit and easy to care for … just like my experience at Holiday. Actions? Well, when I got married, I didn’t sit still and walk with my mother eight inches of snow in one hour. What I couldn’t do was still be at Atkins for lack of energy.
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Now I am not telling you to get out and give up carefully and eat whatever is good. In your daily routine to discipline and improve exercise consistently with your medical practices, to be healthy and to stay young. Well when it comes to eating carbs is that during the Holidays you can relax, enjoy, relax and do what you can to give life.