Enjoy Holiday by Garden Decorating in December


The holiday is the busiest time of the year, but for those who love gardening, there is plenty to do in December.

Harvest Your Vegetable Seeds: It’s time to harvest the leaves from the seeds sown in September and October. You can add fresh vegetables often before it gets too cold. They include artichoke, asparagus, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peas, potatoes and radish. Note: expect that they will grow much slower than spring-grown vegetables.
Barley Plant Breeds: This is a good time to plant fruitless trees and nuts such as apricots, apples, cherry, peaches, plums and nuts. You will get an inheritance from the local nursery. Soak the roots in a jar of water for an hour before planting. Dig a large hole to hold the roots. Sprinkle roots to encourage growth. Living water. Cover with a layer of mulch. Save your tree for the first few weeks (rainfall is always enough). Bare-root trees are often cheaper than rooting trees because they come with no plastic.
Price of Good Fruit: Pruning trees once they lose their leaves. Don’t be afraid to prune it because it will ripen well in the spring.

Fill the Barley in Your Grass: Since the weather in southern California is mild, there is still time for you to keep your grass. When the rains are low, you need to water them regularly.

Enable Multiplayer: Take out the leaves and make a pile of furniture. Add the leaves and grass. Water the pile (if applicable). Turn it once a week. You should have compost by spring.

Remove Flowers and Dead Branches: The gardens can look like they are in the winter. Keep it fresh by cutting flowers, leaves and branches. Consider pruning trunks including pine trees and trunks if the limbs look weak or grow.

Refresh Your Christmas Tree: See with your city how to recreate your Christmas tree after the holiday. Remove all decorations and lights. Many providers allow for delicate and non-invasive trees.

Increase Poinsettias Health: During the holiday season, have poinsettias in a comfortable place in the home with no electricity and a fireplace. Once the spring arrives next year, cut the stems. Put them out in the shade for the summer and then bring them into the house for fall. In order for the dark red leaves to be identified, the poinsettias will need to spend at least half a day in complete darkness starting in October. They are beginning to get ready for Christmas-late November.